What we do

Broiler Breeders

Poultry Production

Commercial Boilers, Commercial Layers, Broiler Breeders. We strives to be a leader in the reinforcement of food security in Nigeria by Providing basic food and by investing in developing agricultural resources


Fish Farming

Table Fish And Fingerling. Good quality fingerlings, juveniles and table sized fishes. Healthy hatchery bred fingerlings bred in clean water and fed healthy nutrients.

Portrait of a cute young small dog dachshund, black and tan, in the clothes of a doctor or pharmacy standing on the table against the background of various pills, drugs, medications on a gray background.

Veterinary Pharmacy

Meeting the challenges of sustainable growth in livestock production in sub-Saharan Africa requires significant improvements in animal health with adequate access to veterinary services. Our veterinary Sales And Retail shops have emerged as important players in the provision of animal health services.

Manufacturers representative

Manufacturers Representative

A manufacturers’ representatives (rep), also known as independent sales representatives or sales agent, is a sales agency or company that sells and markets a manufacturer’s products to wholesale customers. Basically we are the sales marketing arm to manufacturers.

pet shop (2)

Pet Shop

A dog is not a man, a cat is not a small dog, a small dog is not just a big dog in a smaller package. We respect each animal and its specific characteristics,  we have the Knowledge to enforces the only possible way forward to respect animals

Quality Control Laboratory medicine. Chromatograph operation. A woman makes an analysis on a gas chromatograph. Development of a new vaccine against the covid-19 virus.Pharmaceutical factory

Drug Manufacturing

We are pleased to offer any kind of services in pharmaceutical production. We aim to attain self-sufficiency in the local production of essential drugs and ensure access to pharmaceutical products.

Animal health2

Animal Health Services

Animal Health And Product Consultancy Services & Animal Diseases Diagnostic Services. Maintaining animal health is the central tenet to all captive animal production including aquaculture. Farmers must provide for their captive charges

Livestock training

Livestock Training

Whether you wish to become an animal breeder as a hobby or to run a part-time business or embark on a serious profession, there is much to learn. Throughout history livestock farmers have treated their animals as treasured possessions, to be looked after well and valued as individual creatures, not just as a collective group or flock.


Veterinary Hospital Services

We provide outstanding veterinary care and friendly client service. This approach has earned the hospital thousands of loyal clients over the years, which has allowed us to continue to invest in advanced training for our veterinary staff and students and in the newest medical equipment.

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